Monday, July 26, 2010

"Smells Like Thrift Store"

Taylor came by the other day and brought with him a talented friend, Nina. Well she called herself Nina. She's originally from Cali but resides in Colorado and plays guitar everywhere. She was on her way to Austin to perform and made a stop by Dallas to record with Taylor. They went off on a jam session while I was doing Cindirella's job by sweeping and waxing my wooden floor.

After jamming and cleaning we headed down to City Tavern to show her what drinking like a Texan was really like. Of course, we couldn't have gone down to the tavern without having some Dirty Dusty's - a perfect combination of alcohol and beer that will make you wanna wear some boots and ride a horse.


"I'm Ghenghis Grill, You're Just Ramen Noodles"

I just recently finished a series of paintings for Candice. She's a talented musician that just got back from playing a gig in the sinful city that is Las Vegas. Upon her return she came to my spot to check out the progress. She was psyched out about the pieces and can't wait to get 'em. Anyhow, she came back with all these crazy stories, from drunken brawls, punching people, gambling all the gas money, getting a 800 dollar guitar for free, and how crazy it is when you experience Las Vegas. She even looked like she was dealing with some 2-day-old hangover.