Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hundreds X Garfield

Bobby Hundreds & Jim Davis: Garfield Meets Adam Bomb from on Vimeo.

his past month, Los Angeles-based brand The Hundreds and Garfield aligned to create a comprehensive project spanning both fashion and art. The two-part project included a series of T-shirts, toys, skate decks and New Era fitted caps as well as a collaborative art show featuring many familiar artists that surround The Hundreds brand. In this episode of, we catch up with both Bobby Hundreds and Jim Davis as they discuss the meaning of Garfield now and the collaboration with The Hundreds’ own mascot Adam Bomb.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Francis Kmiecik

Aloe Blacc


One of the break-through artists of 2010, Aloe Blacc of Stones Throw Records recently made an appearance at the Berlin-based creative space MADE. The humble soul artist spoke regarding his musical background, his progression over the last year thanks to his track I Need A Dollar on HBO’s How To Make It In America and his insights into creativity.

Andrew W.K. - Silent Night

Andrew W.K. and Rodney The Mailman cover "Silent Night"

Watch Andrew W.K. preform Silent Night for the Holiday Undercover series from the AV Club. This one features Rodney The Mailman, which delivers with such an enthusiast the spirit of Christmas. Can you feel it?

Monday, December 20, 2010

WikiRebels: A WikiLeaks Documentary

Public opinion is at an all-time high with all of the rumors swirling around Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks whistle blower website. With most not completely informed of all the on-goings, this documentary will provide a bit further insight into the highly intriguing story which seemingly sees new development by the day. Although much different than our usual postings, the story’s cultural significance is surely relevant to the current social and political landscape in our society.

Christmas Week

This past weekend was dry. Meaning nothing much went on. Probably because I was drained. My moped broke down, and it left me feeling like I couldn't accomplish much. I got some shopping done and I visited with old friends in Duncanville. I missed the Fur Face Boy Pop-Up Shop, which left me kinda bummed. Either way, this week will be short and I will have all the time to start and finish more art. I got a call from a few people interested in letting me develop a few pieces for them.

On some other news, the Dream Act failed to pass the Senate this past Saturday. Perhaps some of you are familiar with this legislation and would understand the importance of it. Well the Dream has been defeated in Washington, but the Dream lives on in every immigrant student who is working hard for their future. The Dream lives on and I know it will become a reality.

These next two weeks there will be preparations for 2011. I'm gonna make a list of goal, plans, projects, and accomplishments I want to achieve for next year. Some of those include making a rap son, expanding this blog, and start a brand.

2011 I'm almost ready.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WTF Of The Day

Smith Westerns - Weekend

Here is the video to Smith Western's new single. These guys are coming by Dallas early next year. February 8 to be exact.

Kanye West ft. CyHi Da Prynce & Teyana Taylor – Christmas In Harlem

Magnificent Beard X Transit Bicycles

Magnificent Beard x Transit Bicycles Process from Magnificent Beard on Vimeo.

I was riding my new moped down Blackburn last night and for the first time I noticed the new mural at the Transit Bicycle shop. Since it was closed, I didn't get to check the sick graphics on the wall. This morning I was jumping through blogs left and right and stumbled upon Magnificent Beard's tumblr. To my surprise there was THIS video that shows the process of that same wall. Major props.

Top 10 Videos of 2010

As the year end, everyone is doing a recap of the Best of 2010. Here's YouTube's video of the top 10 most watched videos this year. (Lol...Annoying Orange rulz!)

TRON x Playboy

"Shit Just Got Real"

Monday, December 13, 2010

Will Cotton

"Illegal Alien Landing in Roswell"

This video is the "New Mexico Remix" is a collaborative project between Chaz Borjórquez and poet Idris Goodwin. It was part of a three-month celebration of Hip-Hop culture and free speech held at a local non-profit art space in Albuquerque, NM, 516 ARTS. Very inspiring and a great combination of art & poetry.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Fur Face Boy Series 4


WHERE: THE PUBLIC TRUST, 2919 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226
Saturday, December 11, 2010
6:00pm - 10pm
Meter parking ($1 gets you 2 hours). You can also park at the Barry Whistler Gallery, just 1 block away: 2909 Canton St # B, Dallas, TX 75226


JR Poster For 1 Cent

During these holidays you can cop a original JR offset-printed posterof his latest series Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape, 2010. It only costs $0.01 + shipping. It's 24 x 18 inches. Worth it. Get it here.

Yelawolf Freestyle

I'm diggin this guy more by the weeks.

Your Facebook Book

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas From The Gorillaz

When you wake up Christmas Morning you will be able to download a new Gorillaz album for free. Damon Albarn and crew will release a new record that was recorded on his iPad. The release will be available on their site and through his band’s online advent calendar. Check out now for some free digital downloads.

I'm A Morning Kind of Person

Chore Damaris by Justin Anderson from Justin Anderson on Vimeo.

Santa Call

855-34-SANTA That’s Santa’s Google Voice number. Google has also set up where you can set up a personalized call from the big, jolly guy at the North Pole.

Reflections With Justin Bieber

The show’s host becomes Bieber himself whereas Skateboard P turns into a devoted “Belieber” and eventually shows some impeccable dancing skills. Check it out above.

I Only Party With Disney Kids

Friday, December 3, 2010

Icon Notebook

Over the last three decades or so, computers and its subsequent graphical icons have become a common stay in culture. Brigada Creativa take this concept from digital to the offline world with their Icon Notebook. Fashioned after a simplistic and archaic note icon, the notebooks are available in either singles or three-packs through Brigada Creativa.

A Suit

Sartorial Summer Etiquette from Daniel Hartley-Allen on Vimeo.

Thomas Riley of London-trained Australia-based tailors, P. JOHNSON talks us through the suit. Explaining the sartorial elegance of the suit, Riley talks us through what the suit means and the potential it has. Discussing summer looks and how one might accessorize their formal wear and indeed make it more casual, this video is one that those of us in the Northern hemisphere may wish to return to once the warmer months roll around. Enjoy!

Art Basel Miami 2010: Shepard Fairey

Set to enjoy a busy week as one of the big art names in Miami for Art Basel, Shepard Fairey has wasted no time in getting some work done on the streets of Miami. Located at North Miami St. & 28th, the following work seen here offers some classic Fairey in regards to aesthetics and subjects. Stay tuned for more looks into the events taking place over the next few days.

Chris Dent

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The close-ups. Enough said.

Das Racist - Ek Shaneesh

Haven't you heard about these guys? You're fucking Loco!

I Want Some Country In My Life

Where's the good country folks and the good country music?


"Linotype: The Film" Official Trailer from Linotype: The Film on Vimeo.

A fundamentally important part of print and the history of publication, the Linotype typecasting machine has mesmerized many over the years. Technology takes over the old, but this is some cool shit.

The Walkmen cover "Holiday Road"

The Walkmen cover "Holiday Road"

The A.V. Club is doing Holiday Undercover. They put out a master list of songs and simply asked bands to come and play a song--with two rules: It had to be a cover, and it had to somehow be holiday related. The Walkmen came up with an excellent choice: Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road," which you'll surely recall from its use in the movie Vacation. If you don't already have the latest Walkmen album, Lisbon, then you are crazy and you hate good music. Oh, and Holiday Undercover will run Tuesdays and Thursdays from now until the end of the month, except for one special week when it will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Happy holidays, and enjoy.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Sean – Big Nut Bust

Big Sean - Big Nut Bust (Produced by Travis Barker & The Monsters)

B.o.B. featuring Wiz Khalifa – Fuck The Money (Remix)

B.o.B. featuring Wiz Khalifa – Fuck The Money (Remix)

Kid Cudi - Mojo So Dope

Here comes a visual impression of the deluxe version of KiD CuDi’s sophomore album Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. This time around, it is “Mojo So Dope” that receives an official video treatment. Director Jason Goldwatch offers a close look at Cudder’s lifestyle while on road. Check it out above.

YelaWolf – Pop The Trunk (Bones & Vocal Version)

Yelawolf "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Yelawolf has been steadily upping his reputation within the industry during the past few months. However, plenty of his followers are not aware of the artist’s moving past. In order to fill the world in, YoursTruly met up with the rapper. The footage shows Yela’s return Peoples Park in Berkeley where he spent twelve month as a mostly homeless skateboarder. In addition, the clip follows him to the studio at Different Fur, where he created a bones and vocals only version his “Pop The Trunk”-single. Watch and find our above while streaming below. Get your digital copy of the featured song here.

The Ravine House

Architect Drew Mandel.

Pin Ups

So Much Trouble In The World

WikiLeaks. North Korea. South Korea. Immigration. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Inflation. Foreclosures. High Tuition. My Homework. No Car. Gas Prices. World Hunger. WTF. DFW.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Try and look away...I dare you...try it.


haroshi x DUNK SB

Built from the actual used skateboards from NIKE’s pro riders

DMC x Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk

Inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12, Nike 6.0 Introduces the Limited-Edition DeLorean Nike Dunk, a Fusion of Innovation and Style.

This super limited-edition shoe will be available starting on November 26th, Black Friday, at (Pictures via The

Janet Aguirre

This art is from my friend Janet. She's got talent. She's in an art show. Reception Dec 2nd @ H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery 4-6pm. Go!

The Making of...


In the space of six months, Complex editor-in-chief Noah Callahan-Bever confided in Kanye, flew to Hawaii, and found himself in rap nerd Nirvana. Read the full story here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Is This a Hoax?

NBC DFW ran a story today on their website about the Corinth Park Studios that got vandalized last weekend, which were part of the 8th Annual Cedar Open Studios Tour. The owner decided to turn the crime scene into an art scene.

View more news videos at:

Here's my take on it. If you destroy a Picasso, that Picasso no longer has value. The same should be applied in this case. The art that was destroyed in this place should no longer be of any value. The "art" here being sold is part of a criminal investigation. Only a money-hunger person would turn such crap (literally since one of the objects being sold is a vandalized toilet with concrete in it) into something that is suppose to be valuable. Modern art scene can be very wack sometimes. It seems to me that the owner saw an opportunity to receive insurance money and sell these "art pieces" by destroying his own property. Or I could be completely wrong and say that this guy actually turned something negative into something really profitable and positive. Not my place, not my art, whatevs...