Friday, March 25, 2011

Panyee FC

Take Them Kobe's OFF

"If I see you in them Kobe Bryants, man, I'm gonna cut you right off," Jordan said. "I don't care if your feet kill you, you're gonna wear them Jordans.

"Wait 'til I tell your momma, man. I'm gonna tell her. But if you're gonna keep winning, you can wear them. But that Duke game, you got killed."

Jordan said that if the Tar Heels win two games in New Jersey this weekend and get back to the Final Four, he'll supply the entire team with the tough-to-find (and quite pricey) Air Jordan 11 Retro "Cool Greys," along with "anything you want."

If the Tar Heels are as serious about their sneakers as most kids nowadays tend to be, Marquette could be running into a buzz saw come Friday night.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photographer - Karl Edwin Guerre

Swagger 360 interview with Karl Edwin Guerre during fashion week in Paris from olivierlalin on Vimeo.

Street style photographer Karl Edwin Guerre is the focal point of a new documentary based on his blog Swagger 360. Twice a year, Guerre makes the trek to Paris right around fashion week to take in the sights and sounds. Along the way he discusses style and fashion, the purpose of his platform, and some of his favorite photographers among other topics.

Friday, March 18, 2011

adidas - All In

In this promotional video for it’s “All In” campaign, adidas hosts a visual light show in Marseilles, France using the latest in 3D projection technology. With DJ Cut Killer on the turntables, a large crowd of over 1,000 gathers to watch as the world’s top athletes (including Teddy Riner) demonstrate their finesse while a clip of Justice’s new single, “Civilization”, plays in the background.

SebastiAn - Embody

Eyeing for a May 2011 release for his long overdue debut album Total, Ed Banger’s remix aficionado SebastiAn teases his with the LP cut “Embody” – a surprisingly poppy tune if you take his previous work for Daft Punk, Klaxons or the ambient score for Our Day Will Come into account. Obviously, this move will only increase his numbers of followers in the near future. The Embody EP will be released March 28, 2011. Enjoy!

Jason Goldwatch‘s 2011 Music Video Reel

Jason Goldwatch 2011 Music Video Reel from Decon on Vimeo.

No-Fly Zone

The United Nations approved a no-fly zone on March 17, 2011. The resolution includes provisions for further actions to prevent attacks on civilian targets in response to violence by the government of Muammar al-Gaddafi during the 2011 Libyan uprising. British air force fighters will begin heading to the Mediterranean “in the coming hours” to join the international coalition. Today, Libya called for an
“immediate cease-fire and the stoppage of all military operations” against rebels.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Vive Le Football Libre

Despite the French nature of this recent Nike Soccer spot, Vive Le Football Libre. offers a message anybody can appreciate. Spanning both the formal 11-aside pitches as well as the streets of France, the ultimate goal promoted by Nike Soccer is to play beautifully flowing soccer with a sublime focus on simple and finishing touches. The cinematography is not too shabby as well and sets the standard for another memorable Nike Soccer video.

Jim Beam X Willem Dafoe Ad

Jim Beam "Bold Choices" Cultural Movement from StrawberryFrog on Vimeo.

"Bold Choices," a new anthem spot beautifully shot by director Dante Ariola for Jim Beam, features actor Willem Dafoe as he ponders 'what might have been.' The 1:30 second spot from Strawberry Frog is meant to imply that the choices you make, make you.

Skull Chair

Mercedes-Benz Left-Right Brain Ad