Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Art Weekend Madness

This past weekend I attended a couple, meaning two, art shows. Friday was the Temporary Collective at The Continental Gin Building, where a good friend, Ricardo Paniagua , had some awesome art and some ever more awesome chips and dips. The building is an old historic landmark at the edge of Deep Ellum that is full of studio space where great art creation takes place.

Some really interesting people. Yup, that is Cow Goddess craving some grapes.

This was a clever installation.

The show was fun, the treats were great, but it sucked when I ran out of gas. I had to give Ricardo 5 bucks for some gas he had laying around, just so I could get home that night.

Then Saturday it was the big event, Artopia. The event wasn't your usual gallery show. This was like a scientific fusion between night life and art.

Carlos Donjuan, from the Sour Grapes crew,doing some live painting. His paintings just got featured in the New American Paintings issue.

Wheat paste installation by Brent.

Live print making. There were giving these out FOR FREE! Thanks Public Trust

Aaron Aguirre, from Diverse Soul, making moves.

I accidentally met the creative genius behind Fur Face Boy, who by the way, just like Manny Pacquiao, won the night's match (t-shirt match!). He's a really cool cat with a great line of t-shirts, one which I'm putting on my Christmas wish list. Check out his blog, check out his line.

Fashion Runway @ Artopia

Diverse Soul @ Artopia

(all pictures and videos via outside sources)

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