Monday, November 22, 2010

Is This a Hoax?

NBC DFW ran a story today on their website about the Corinth Park Studios that got vandalized last weekend, which were part of the 8th Annual Cedar Open Studios Tour. The owner decided to turn the crime scene into an art scene.

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Here's my take on it. If you destroy a Picasso, that Picasso no longer has value. The same should be applied in this case. The art that was destroyed in this place should no longer be of any value. The "art" here being sold is part of a criminal investigation. Only a money-hunger person would turn such crap (literally since one of the objects being sold is a vandalized toilet with concrete in it) into something that is suppose to be valuable. Modern art scene can be very wack sometimes. It seems to me that the owner saw an opportunity to receive insurance money and sell these "art pieces" by destroying his own property. Or I could be completely wrong and say that this guy actually turned something negative into something really profitable and positive. Not my place, not my art, whatevs...

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