Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week

This past weekend was dry. Meaning nothing much went on. Probably because I was drained. My moped broke down, and it left me feeling like I couldn't accomplish much. I got some shopping done and I visited with old friends in Duncanville. I missed the Fur Face Boy Pop-Up Shop, which left me kinda bummed. Either way, this week will be short and I will have all the time to start and finish more art. I got a call from a few people interested in letting me develop a few pieces for them.

On some other news, the Dream Act failed to pass the Senate this past Saturday. Perhaps some of you are familiar with this legislation and would understand the importance of it. Well the Dream has been defeated in Washington, but the Dream lives on in every immigrant student who is working hard for their future. The Dream lives on and I know it will become a reality.

These next two weeks there will be preparations for 2011. I'm gonna make a list of goal, plans, projects, and accomplishments I want to achieve for next year. Some of those include making a rap son, expanding this blog, and start a brand.

2011 I'm almost ready.

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