Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Centre X ATAMA - Show Me The Munny! Recap

Just before the year ended, Centre moved shop to a bigger and cooler spot at Mockingbird Station. It's new integration, ATAMA, opened up at Centre's new location and they opened up with their first annual Munny design contest, Show Me The Munny!. They invited 5 talented artist from the Dallas area to customize a Mega Munny, and the outcome was dope.

At the spot was
Don Julio for some margaritas, food from Urban Taco and beats by Sober.

Feature artist were: Cody Phillips, Magnificent Beard, NReazon, Sour Grapes 13, Unkommon Kolor.

Check out the ATAMA Facebook page and add your email to the mailing list at to stay up to date.

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